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Integrates MyAnimeList/AniList/Kitsu/Simkl/Shikimori into various sites, with auto episode tracking.

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Track anime and manga as you go on a large selection of pages.
Search, update and manage your list from everywhere with the extension popup
Keeps track of the pages you used on the bookmark page
Direct links to the most popular pages
Show what you are watching with the discord rich presence support More info
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FEATURE Add arabic language support
FEATURE Add Animego by NoPlagiarism
FEATURE Add SovetRomantica by NoPlagiarism
FEATURE Add Hachi by 8eighth
FEATURE Add Witanime
TASK Readd AnimesVision
FEATURE Add anix by Source-Dom
FEATURE Add ogladajanime by kyanbasu
FEATURE Add hinatasoul by uKaigo
FEATURE Add neoxscans by grlgmrs
FEATURE Add luciferdonghua by aadityataparia
BUGFIX Fix kitsu not working for some entries
TASK Support domains without TLD #1996
TASK Rename 9anime to aniwave
TASK Rename Zoro to aniwatch
Bugfix Hotfix 9anime
Bugfix Hotfix Animesuge
Feature Add new install page
Feature Add animeflix
Feature Add animeonegai by IJCS
Feature Add anime-sama by Skytowz
Feature Add 1stkissmanga by Hanawa02
Feature Add AnimeKO by akumachi
Feature Add docchi by anKordii
FEATURE Add anilist reviews, recommendations and authors to minimal #1608
TASK Add jellyfin movie support #1680
FEATURE Add MangaFire by Geistful
FEATURE Add Pactedanime
FEATURE Add ProjectSuki by Michael Campbell
FEATURE Add franime by TriForMine
FEATURE Add fmteam by NatsuDzn
FEATURE Add Animelon by supersayan
FEATURE Add isekaiscan by zamounet
FEATURE Add aniyan by Th1rty
FEATURE Add ADN by Skytowz
FEATURE Add hdrezka
FEATURE Add Shikimori tracking support
BUGFIX Fix broken dropdowns in firefox #1566
FEATURE On some pages manga updates now after reading 90% of the pages
BUGFIX Fix wrong title language for anilist #1416
BUGFIX Fix PWA not loading for some people
FEATURE New popup design
FEATURE Add Vostfree by Ambi
FEATURE Add Kaguya by Vu Nguyen
FEATURE Add void-scans by orell
FEATURE Add ToonAnime by TriForMine
FEATURE Add adkami by TriForMine
TASK Discord presence uses provider url #1314
TASK Remap floating button to correction
BUGFIX Fix 9anime
FEATURE Add Mangabuddy by Michael Campbell
FEATURE Add Animeworld by Ernesto Montada
FEATURE Add Manhuafast by Enni83
TASK Remove Dreamsub
FEATURE Add LuminousScans by Michael Campbell
FEATURE Add RealmScans by Michael Campbell
FEATURE Add Bentomanga by NatsuDzn
FEATURE Add MuitoManga by uKaigo
BUGFIX Fix Animepahe
BUGFIX Fix Crunchyroll beta
TASK Remove AnimeKisa
TASK Remove EdelgardeScans
TASK Remove HatigarmScanz
TASK Remove MethodScans
TASK Remove NonamesScans
TASK Remove Pantsubase
TASK Remove MerakiScans
FEATURE Add Animetoast by Snoweuph
FEATURE Add Puray by Lyem
TASK Improve missing domain permissions handling
TASK Update to vue3
BUGFIX Hotfix notification options
TASK Remove Animesimple
TASK Remove Justanime
FEATURE Add AnimeOnsen by mist8kengas
FEATURE Add Anilist update UI
FEATURE Show series cover in discord presence
TASK Split notification option into anime and manga
TASK Remove KangaryuTeam
TASK Remove AnimeOnDemand
TASK Remove Branittube
TASK Remove Animeowl
TASK Remove Animevibe
TASK Remove AnimeLab
FEATURE Add Mangareader
FEATURE Add bilibiliComics
FEATURE Add BetterAnime by GMkonan
FEATURE Add AMA Scan by uKaigo
TASK Remove Catmanga
TASK Add new gogoanime domains
TASK Add new animesuge domain
FEATURE Add alternative positions for the quicksearch on MAL and Anilist
FEATURE Add Sugar Babies by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add Alpha Scans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add Anicloud by N1kl8s
BUGFIX Fix ReaperScans
BUGFIX Fix AsuraScans
BUGFIX Fix LeviatanScans
BUGFIX Fix Netflix
TASK Remove AnimeUltima
TASK Remove AnimeFlix
FEATURE Include local storage entries in search #845
FEATURE Current state of an entry is displayed in search results
FEATURE Add DisasterScans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add Anistream by Flumuffel
FEATURE Add DynastyScans
TASK Support new MAL opening and ending theme
TASK Change dubbedanime to 1anime
TASK Add new animeunity domain
TASK Add new 9anime domain
TASK Add new simplyaweeb domain
TASK Add new yugenanime domain
BUGFIX Fix netflix
BUGFIX Fix Funimation
BUGFIX Fix Mangapark #896
BUGFIX Fix Reaperscans
BUGFIX Fix lhtranslation
FEATURE Streaming links order changeable
FEATURE Add BlueSolo by NatsuDzn
FEATURE Add Shiro by tycoon
FEATURE Add by TriForMine
FEATURE Add Tenshi
FEATURE Sort mangas by unread chapters #811
TASK Remove 4Anime
TASK Remove Animefreak
TASK Rename Branitube to Aniyan
FEATURE Add Cubari Support
FEATURE Complete rework of the quicksearch/direct link system with support for custom quicksearch links
FEATURE Use a more solid favicon system
FEATURE Add a PWA for the extension/userscript
BUGFIX Add new domain
BUGFIX Add new domain
BUGFIX Fix Mangadex
FEATURE Add Furyosquad by NatsuDzn
FEATURE Add AnimesOnline
FEATURE Add lhtranslation
TASK Add Thai translation by F1rstStr0ke
FEATURE Add by MeguminSama
FEATURE Add MangaSushi by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add ArangScans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add HunlightScans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add TritiniaScans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add ReadManhua by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add FlameScans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add ImmortalUpdates by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Support anilist only entries in the database
BUGFIX Fix Manganelo
BUGFIX Fix Funimation
BUGFIX Fix Crunchyroll
BUGFIX Fix Gogoanime
BUGFIX Fix 9anime
BUGFIX Fix Catmanga
BUGFIX Fix MAL api search
FEATURE Check if episode is a filler
TASK Remove Funimation
TASK Remove Aniwatch
FEATURE Add sorting to lists
TASK Remove old MAL implementation and replace it with the api
FEATURE Add Crunchyroll Beta support
BUGFIX Fix Plex implementation
FEATURE Add Catmanga
FEATURE Add Japanread by NatsuDzn
FEATURE Add KangaryuTeam by NatsuDzn
FEATURE Add AnimeShitai
TASK Switch discord presence to playing anime or playing manga instead of playing malsync
FEATURE Save cover images in local sync
FEATURE Support taiga's anime relation
FEATURE Add notifications when a new episode/chapter gets released
FEATURE Add button links to the mal entry in the discord rich presence
BUGFIX Fix MALSync shortcuts sometimes not working
FEATURE Add MangaHub by MrSuperKing143
BUGFIX Add new gogoanime domains
BUGFIX Change SecretScans to LynxScans
BUGFIX Fix AnimeDao
BUGFIX Fix Netflix
BUGFIX Fix Animeowl
TASK Remove Fastani
TASK Remove Helvetica
TASK Remove KKJ Scans
FEATURE Auto switch theme according to OS
FEATURE Add episode/chapter/volume increase button to miniMAL
FEATURE Add database support for yugenanime
FEATURE Add NonstopScans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add fumetsu by Jonaszor
FEATURE Add toonily by draxx132
FEATURE Add frixysubs by Jonaszor
FEATURE Add animesuge
TASK Drop anime4you
FEATURE Add Support for custom domains wiki
FEATURE Add Mangasee DB support
FEATURE Add Mangafox DB support
FEATURE Add Animepahe DB support
FEATURE Add Animewho
FEATURE Add Komga wiki
FEATURE Add Otakustv
FEATURE Add Animedao
FEATURE Add Mangajar
FEATURE Add Jellyfin wiki
FEATURE Add An1me by Senjar
FEATURE Add Asurascans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add Merakiscans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add Naniscans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add fullscreen notification support
TASK Use different content scripts per page
BUGFIX Fix local import and export #512
BUGFIX Fix kitsu decimal rounding
FEATURE Add Relation to other tracking pages if possible
TASK Add rewatch list for anilist on miniMAL #338
FEATURE Add anime/manga remove button to miniMAL
FEATURE Add Animelab by James
FEATURE Add AnimeOwl
FEATURE Add Fastani
FEATURE Add Pantsubase
BUGFIX Add Vidstream player support
BUGFIX Add new Animevibe domain
TASK Improve Crunchyroll implementation
BUGFIX Hotfix episode progeress missing
TASK Support new 9anime design
FEATURE Add animetribes
FEATURE Add burning series by Whitedoteu
FEATURE Add okanime by hsusanoo
FEATURE Add mangasee MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add episode progeress for PTW lists byWhitedoteu
BUGFIX Fix infinite loop in progress check
FEATURE Add YugenAnime
BUGFIX Fix readm
BUGFIX Add new gogoanime domain
BUGFIX Add new 9anime domain
TASK Remove jaiminisbox
TASK Remove krakenscans
FEATURE Add new progress prediction system
TASK Fix mal description in miniMAL
TASK Add animesimple db support
FEATURE Add Tioanime
FEATURE Add Animeondemand
FEATURE Add Wuxiaworld
FEATURE Add readm
FEATURE Add Edelgarde Scans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add Hatigarm Scanz by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add KKJ Scans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add Kraken Scans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add Leviatan Scans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add Method Scans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add Nonames Scans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add Reaper Scans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add Secret Scans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add SK Scans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add Zero Scans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add Death Toll Scans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add Helvectica Scans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add kirei Cake by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add Sense Scans by MrSuperKing143
FEATURE Add ManhuaPlus by MrSuperKing143
TASK Remove dead pages (kissanime, kissmanga, mangakisa)
FEATURE Make pop out window size and position configurable
FEATURE Readd Animevibe
SECURITY Disable background iframes for firefox
BUGFIX Minor fixes to many page implementations
FEATURE Add Simplyaweeb
FEATURE Add Animedesu
FEATURE Add Justanime
FEATURE Add Animeunity
FEATURE Add Mangafox
FEATURE Add Mangahere
FEATURE Add Animesimple
FEATURE Add Yayanimes by Sazzo
FEATURE Add Animixplay
FEATURE Add MyAnimeList video page
FEATURE Add MAL api beta implementation
TASK Remove onsite miniMAL for extension
BUGFIX hotfix MyAnimeList and Anilist onsite lists
BUGFIX Firefox hotfix
FEATURE The usage of the tag/notes section is now fully optional with the only advantage that it is saved permanent and cross browser
FEATURE Add a random anime button for the PTW list in the extension popup
TASK Add AnimeId
TASK Add AniHub
TASK Add scantrad
TASK Add AnimeStreamingFR
TASK Add TRanimeizle
TASK Remove Animeplanet
TASK Remove Mangakakalot
TASK Remove Dream Animes
TASK Remove NovelPlanet
BUGFIX MAL review profile images resized incorrectly #355
FEATURE List view for miniMAL bookmarks
FEATURE Mark episode as read/watched shortcut #351
FEATURE Add translation progress section to miniMAL (BETA)
TASK Ability to de auth accounts #280
FEATURE Add tsukimangas
FEATURE Add samehadaku
FEATURE Add monoschinos
FEATURE Add animefire #344
TASK Remove myanime
TASK Remove animefever
TASK Remove riee
BUGFIX Fix MAL manga updates failing #343
BUGFIX Fix MAL start date sometimes not set
FEATURE Add minimized big popups option #336
FEATURE Add option to disable sync for specific pages
FEATURE Add animexin
FEATURE Add dreamsub support
FEATURE Add animeshouse support
FEATURE Support alternative rating modes on kitsu and anilist
TASK Refactor all single list proivider
TASK Add sepereate rewatching state
TASK Increase list mirroring stability
BUGFIX Support new animeultima domain
BUGFIX Fix shortcuts blocking other shurtcuts(ctrl + c)
BUGFIX Fix stuck entries in Firefox
TASK Add Amazon Prime Video support #295
TASK Add support
TASK Add manga4life support #308
FEATURE New correction UI (Default Shortcut: C)
TASK Reworked Search
FEATURE Add Hidive support
FEATURE Add FallenAngels support
FEATURE Add JaiminisBox support
FEATURE Add animestrue support
FEATURE Add auto next episode
BUGFIX Add new goyabu domain
TASK Add option to hide flashm hover messages. #298
TASK Reimplement shortcuts function
FEATURE Add a shortcut for opening the next episode
TASK Add new 9anime domain
TASK Add new gogoanime domain #279
TASK Fix manganelo #274
TASK Fix missing mal images
TASK Remove Mangarock
TASK Remove Wonderfulsubs
TASK Rework fullscreen implementation #271
FEATURE Add Hulu support #204
FEATURE Add Aniwatch support
TASK Sort MAL watching list by last changed
BUGFIX Fix Crunchyroll detail page
BUGFIX Move UI on kitsu to the right sidebar #261
TASK Add new Turkanime domain
TASK Refactor userlist implementations
TASK add new hydrax url #243
BUGFIX Fix double scrollbar in minimal #231
TASK remove otakustream
TASK remove animevibe
TASK Make update check stays silent #237
BUGFIX Fix update check #239
FEATURE Add support
TASK Revert to only highlighting the last watched episode. Add all episode highlighting option.
BUGFIX Ignore ED and OP in episode list
BUGFIX Support new kickassanime domain
BUGFIX Fix Mangadex nexturl for ltr and fix oneshots tracking
TASK Add fouranime, mangakisa and animekisa episode list support
FEATURE add by orell
FEATURE add by orell
FEATURE add mangaplus by orell
FEATURE add by orell
BUGFIX Fix Crunchyroll overview and player
FEATURE Add posibility to mirror lists automatically once a day
FEATURE Add by orell
FEATURE Add by orell
FEATURE Add by orell
FEATURE Add by orell
FEATURE Add posibility to rate anime/manga on finish #157
BUGFIX Fix implementation #185
BUGFIX Round anilist scores correctly
TASK Lazyload lists in miniMAL
FEATURE add by orell
FEATURE add by orell
FEATURE add by orell
BUGFIX Fix html encoding in mal comments and tags #180
BUGFIX Fix animeflix not working if accessed from home #185
BUGFIX Fix episode detection on kissanime #188
FEATURE Add polish translation by VATICAN-PSYCHO
FEATURE add by orell
BUGFIX Fix problem with long lists on kitsu
FEATURE Add cleanup script for removing all malsync:: tags from lists
BUGFIX Add domain
TASK Add new gogoanime domain (
TASK Add new domain
TASK Add new domain
TASK Add manganelo/mangakakalot database support
FEATURE Add Discord Rich Presence support wiki
FEATURE Add NekoSama by Arias800
FEATURE Add / by orell
FEATURE Add by orell
FEATURE Add by orell
BUGFIX Fix local cachekey not specific enough #165
BUGFIX Fix for Strict Cookies option
FEATURE Add Simkl support #122
FEATURE Add option to open the miniMAL popup as a seperate window
FEATURE add by orell
FEATURE Add Voiranime #136
FEATURE Add french translation
FEATURE Add first install page
FEATURE Add settings page
TASK Add reload button to miniMAL overview
BUGFIX New design
BUGFIX Fix localsync overview not working #142
BUGFIX Exclude userlist from gogoanime urls #141
FEATURE Add by orell
BUGFIX Fix branitube
FEATURE Show user ratings in miniMAL bookmarks
TASK Only increment Volume count on sync
BUGFIX Fix kitsu rewatch count not incremented
BUGFIX Add new domain
FEATURE Add by orell
FEATURE Add by orell
FEATURE Add by Arias800
TASK Add overview page support
BUGFIX Fix Netflix when the language is not set to english
FEATURE miniMAL can now use the metadata from kitsu/anilist #50
FEATURE The search fields in miniMAL now use the data from anilist/kitsu and not only mal
FEATURE Add list mirroring between MAL, Anilist and kitsu (ALPHA) #71
FEATURE Add Indonesian translation by Natsu Tadama
FEATURE Add by orell
FEATURE Add by orell
BUGFIX Fix highlighting unreadable in dark themes of mangadex
FEATURE Add (beta.) by orell
FEATURE Add by orell
FEATURE Add by orell
FEATURE Add by SwagOtaku
FEATURE Add by orell
FEATURE Add by orell
FEATURE Add by orell
FEATURE Add by orell
FEATURE Add by orell
TASK Add Local storage fallback import and export
TASK Optimise manga search
BUGFIX Video skipping #95
BUGFIX Fix broken mangarock styling #88
FEATURE Add Local storage fallback (Beta)
FEATURE Add auto resume
FEATURE Add by SwagOtaku
FEATURE Add miniMAL Dark Theme by orell
TASK Make nextEp and updateCheck independent from MAL
BUGFIX Fix Netflix season handling
HOTFIX Fix kitsu not able to update some entries #77
FEATURE Add auto fullscreen option #76
FEATURE Add support by orell
FEATURE Add support
FEATURE Force English language option
TASK Improve Mangarock chapter recognition
BUGFIX Fix Otakustream movies not working
BUGFIX Fix miniMAL progressbar overflowing
TASK Change Emby api key implementation
BUGFIX Fix netflix on Firefox
BUGFIX Fix MAL-Sync on Android
TASK Add Swedish localization by Soitora
TASK Add Dutch localization by SnowDuts
TASK Add Italian localization by Lorenzo-B
TASK Add Portuguese-BR localization by EHLuC
TASK Add German localization
FEATURE Add localization support by Kaiserdj
TASK Add spanish locale by Kaiserdj
TASK Add turkish by cartals
FEATURE Make miniMAL work independent from Mal entries
BUGFIX Fix not able to add mangas to kitsu
TASK Add new 9anime domains
BUGFIX Fix missing UI on Mangarock
BUGFIX HOTFIX: Remove debugging alert
BUGFIX Fix problem with some passwords on kitsu
BUGFIX Fix Intro skipping shortcut not working
TASK Add Netflix to the database
TASK Add related tags to MALs recommendation Page
BUGFIX Handle blob files in Emby
FEATURE Add Kitsu support
FEATURE Add resume video feature
FEATURE Open miniMAL shortcut (Ctrl+M) #12
FEATURE Intro skipper shortcut ( 90 Sec ) (Ctrl+🡆)
FEATURE Add Animepahe support by Deterio
FEATURE Add Animeflv support by Kaiserdj
FEATURE Add JKanime support by Kaiserdj
BUGFIX Fix Manual sync
BUGFIX Fix Mangadex chapter recognition
Sync options get reset back to default.
FEATURE Add initial Netflix support
FEATURE Add otakustream support
FEATURE Sync based on video progress
BUGFIX Fix Branitube url
FEATURE Add Emby support Wiki
FEATURE Add Plex support Wiki
TASK Readd Branitube support
FEATURE Add option to auto close miniMAL when clicking outside
FEATURE Add option to hide miniMAL button
TASK Add Legacy reader support in mangadex
BUGFIX Fix crunchyroll x.5 episode recognition
TASK Migrate miniMAL to vue.js
FEATURE Resume miniMAL popup on open
FEATURE Add Stealth miniMAL button option
TASK Remove branitube
FEATURE Use anilist airing api for more reliable episode predictions
FEATURE Add anilist rewatch handling
TASK Add notification logging
BUGFIX Minor anilist fixes
BUGFIX Minor anime4you fixes
BUGFIX Issue #37
BUGFIX Fix new crunchyroll language url
FEATURE Add action badge when doing an update check
FEATURE Add search to anilist
TASK Exclude season list on MAL #35
BUGFIX Fix Anilist bookmarks sending too many api requests
BUGFIX Fix anilist authentication
BUGFIX Minor style bugfixes
FEATURE Sort AniList watching bookmarks by last edited
BUGFIX Fix canceling rewatching setting episode to 1
TASK Use AniList url in different places
TASK Style AniList bookmarks
TASK MAL/AniList miniMAL settings
TASK Add turkanime next episode recognition
TASK Remove !important from Prediction
FEATURE Add AniList support (ALPHA) #19
BUGFIX Hide Friend scores if not logged in
BUGFIX Fix Turkanime not recognizing episode list
FEATURE Add rewatching handling
FEATURE Auto recommend episode offset #18
TASK Move airing anime to top of miniMAL bookmarks
TASK Add mangarock and to sidebar
BUGFIX New anime4you design fixes
FEATURE Show friend scores on MALs overview page
FEATURE Add strict cookies switch #28
TASK Remove animeheaven
TASK miniMAL contributer section
BUGFIX Firefox notifications on click not working
FEATURE Add anime4you
FEATURE Add branitube
FEATURE Add turkanime
FEATURE Add manga update check
TASK Open miniMAL if "Is anime correct?" is denied
BUGFIX Fix mangarock implementation not loading when starting from the homepage
TASK Clean up overview page UI
TASK Add Mangarock and Animeheaven database request support
TASK Add welcome message
TASK Change "Add to Mal?" dialog
FEATURE Add Mangarock
FEATURE Add AnimeHeaven
BUGFIX Use a higher resolution version of the questionmark placeholder on MAL
FEATURE Show estimation to next episode in miniMAL
TASK Display the last time update check was executed
TASK Add support
BUGFIX Fix gogoanime updatecheck
FEATURE Add update notification
FEATURE Add watching state tags to person and character MAL pages
BUGFIX Fix related watching state tags not showing sometimes
TASK Add github and changelog badges to miniMAL #22
BUGFIX Fix wrong next episode links on gogoanime
FEATURE Add statuses in related Anime on mal
FEATURE Notification Service
FEATURE Add userscript mode to webextension
FEATURE Add resume watching option #14
BUGFIX Missing prediction when no mal-sync tag #20
BUGFIX Firefox reverting update check to off
TASK Extend update check debugging page
TASK Save offset values to sync storage
BUGFIX Fix miniMAL bookmarks showing wrong episode prediction
FEATURE Check for new episodes and notify the user
FEATURE Lazyload miniMAL bookmarks images
FEATURE Autoupdate epPrediction on mal detail pages
TASK Add update ui for manga in miniMAL
TASK Change fail message to update failed
BUGFIX Extend next chapter recognition for mangadex
BUGFIX Check for mal-sync tags before checking for kal tags
BUGFIX Episode sync not working
FEATURE Show link to next episode on overview page
FEATURE Add cruchyroll season to every link
TASK Replace help icons in miniMAL
BUGFIX Force hide continue watching links
FEATURE Add delay option
FEATURE Add option to deactivate the episode prediction
BUGFIX Use reading in texts for manga
BUGFIX Fix miniMAL popup size for firefox nightly
FEATURE Switch confirm to flashConfirm
TASK Hopefully fix miniMAL not loading in firefox nightly
FEATURE Add episode prediction
FEATURE Enlarge thumbnails on character, people and search pages
TASK Add the possibility to deactivate saving urls to MAL tags
BUGFIX Fix MAL Search returning no results
BUGFIX Fix firefox popup too small
TASK Bugfixes
TASK Set miniMAL popup height to 600px
FEATURE Add databaseRequest
BUGFIX Handle alternative MAL url
TASK Update badges
BUGFIX miniMAL form update not working
BUGFIX Crunchyroll video page not working in firefox
BUGFIX Firefox not loading
FEATURE Use extensions sync storage
FEATURE Support classic animelists
FEATURE Add clear cache
FEATURE Add Streaming links to miniMAL
FEATURE Show currently viewed anime in miniMAL popup
FEATURE Display bookmarks in miniMAL if no active anime
FEATURE Add Gogoanime
FEATURE Add manual tracking
TASK Finish page search
BUGFIX Fix mal bookmarks not loading with slow network
FEATURE Add continue watching links to miniMAL bookmarks
FEATURE Add miniMAL information block
FEATURE Add miniMAL reviews tab
FEATURE Add miniMAL recommendations tab
FEATURE Add Masteranime
FEATURE Add Mangadex
FEATURE Add continue watching to miniMAL
FEATURE Add ep/status/rating UI to miniMAL
Initial Release